This is the fifth set of instructions for teachers participating in RCtv.
Please read our earlier instructions below:  



This email contains important tech instructions required to sign in and participate in RCtv. Please read through to the end of this document carefully and save it for later.

Your school’s unique code:

print your access code

Step 1: DVD Check

Please let us know right away whether your films have arrived, and been tested.

My films have / have not arrived

Step 2: Screen the Film(s)

If you're thinking about acknowledging your traditional territory before your screening, we can help

  • Kayak to Klemtu is 87 min. without credits

  • Remember is 90 min. without credits 

If you are screening the film on April 17, please ensure that you plan for it to end at least twenty minutes before the broadcast begins at 12:30 PM Eastern Time. We’ll have a pre-show playing if you sign in early with your access code.


Step 3: Asking Questions

During the 60-minute RCtv broadcast, the stars will be answering as many questions as possible from over 200 schools across Canada.  Tweeting questions in advance will increase their chances.

Make sure your students use both of these Twitter hashtags in their questions so that we can find them!


If you or your students do not have access to Twitter, you can also email with your students’ questions and include their first name, grade, school and province.  

Again, there is a better chance we’ll answer questions that are submitted in advance — even days in advance!

Step 4: The Tech Rehearsal

On Tuesday, the day before the webcast, we will be running a loop of videos on the event website all day, from 9:00am EST to 5:00pm EST.

Please take five minutes to navigate to the site, and use your Unique Access Code to log in (see below). If you can see video and hear sound on the Main Screen, and see your school name on the page, then you are good to go!

Step 5: The RCtv webcast 

The webcast begins at 12:30 pm EST. Please see the exact time in your region. We recommend that you log on at least thirty minutes before the start time, in order to ensure your system is running smoothly before the show begins. 

A) Print Your School’s Unique Code

In order to view and participate in the webcast, you and your students will each need to log in with your school-specific password:

print your access code

Please paste your access code and print this PDF. Post it so all students can see it throughout the broadcast. They’ll each need the code to log in to our competitions. You should also post the Twitter hashtags in the same place.

B) The Main Screen (displayed for everyone)

The broadcast will require broadband internet access and a main screen that is connected to the internet. The main screen (projector screen, TV, or Smart Board) should be visible to all students.  

On the event’s main screen, sign in at:

The webpage should look something like the image on the left.  After you log in (by inputting your unique access code), the video screen will change to look like the image on the right. Once you see this, the video should be playing, and you’re good to go!

C) The Companion Screens (your students’ cell phones)

Students should ALSO have access to their phones (or tablets, laptops or desktop computers). They don’t need to download anything to participate, but please have wireless internet available for your students so they can participate in RCtv without using their own data.

Students will participate in the broadcast and try to win prizes by answering Canadian film questions and engaging in other online fun. They’ll also be able to see how many points your school has earned in a national leaderboard of more than 200 schools!


On their individual devices, students will sign in at:

To sign in, they’ll need the school-specific password, as well as their first name. Please remember to post your school-specific password where it’s visible to students, and have them log in before the show begins. 

Need Help? If you are having any technical difficulties or need troubleshooting help, please call 1-855-733-5709 ext. 213.

Pictures & Feedback

Don't forget to take pictures of your event, and of the students using their party kit items. Send them to or better yet, tweet them with #CanFilmDay and #RCtvLive.

Next week, we will also send student and teacher feedback forms — please plan a time to complete these with your class. 


Complete RCtv registration form (included in separate email)

Choose a film and complete the online Content Advisory form we emailed you

Book the date and time to watch the film any time before the broadcast!

Book the date and time to watch the RCtv web broadcast on April 17 at 12:30 PM Eastern Time


Make sure you have a strong internet connection (hardline ethernet cable preferred)

Book the space in which you’ll be watching the RCtv webcast

Book your screening equipment for your film screening

Read detailed instructions on the above to-dos


Announce our guests to your school!

Record a “Happy NCFD / Bonne JCC!” video of your students

Record videos of students asking questions of our guests from Kayak to Klemtu and Remember

 Send in your written and/or video questions for our guests

☑ Read detailed instructions on the above to-dos


Hang up RCtv posters around your school, and use our party kit items to start building the buzz for RCtv

Print out your unique access code and post it somewhere visible to all students

Post the two Twitter hashtags alongside your access code

Make sure to have wifi available on the day if you can

Go to on the day before the webcast to test the tech on your end!

Let us know whether your DVD(s) have arrived

Log in to the webcast on April 17th, and have a happy National Canadian Film Day!