How to Participate – an Overview

April 22 is National Canadian Film Day. And even though we can’t gather together in movie theatres, community centres and libraries to celebrate, we know that our stories still have the power to inspire, comfort and unite us, and even give us a much needed laugh. Right now, we need that more than ever. 

However you choose to participate, we hope you will make tuning into CanFilmDay Live part of your NCFD plans. Check out the livestream between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM EDT to see conversations with Canadian filmmakers and stars, participate in trivia challenges, and much more.

There are three easy ways to take part in this year’s all-online edition of NCFD: 

1. Watch a film on your own, or with your family/household
Delve into a film – or two – from one of our newly-curated lists:

2. Plan a watch party and invite your community
You’ll find all the tools you need in our How to Plan a Watch Party Toolkit. Be sure to swing by CanFilmDay Live with your group before or after your watch party for a truly social celebration of Canadian film!

3. Join one of our national watch parties:
The first nine have already been announced on our National Watch Party page, and more are being added daily. Join people from coast-to-coast-to-coast in watching a great film, and meet the filmmakers!

Check Out #CanFilmDay Live!

Whatever option you choose, we hope you’ll also stop by at CanFilmDay Live and join the conversation online by following @canfilmday on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and using #canfilmday to tag your posts so that we can connect with you.

On April 22, let’s keep each other company.