About NCFD

National Canadian Film Day has always been about encouraging all Canadians to celebrate the incredible achievements of our nation’s filmmakers.

Last year, NCFD 150 was an event of unprecedented size and scope, which reached an astonishing number of people across the country and around the world. This year, you have the opportunity to join other Canadians in helping NCFD take root as an annual tradition.

We want Canadians everywhere to watch a great Canadian film on April 18, 2018.


Because it’s fun.

It’s fun to share in something that others are doing all across the country. It’s fun to feel proud of our accomplishments and toot our own horns. It’s fun to see our own stories on the big screen and to get to know your nation and the people in it a little bit better.

And, we also think it’s important. We know, “important” makes it sound like we’re giving you homework, but trust us, it’s not like that at all! Of course, the films we make in Canada are good. But that’s not why it’s important either. It’s important because film – more than any other medium – has the power to capture the soul of a nation, and when we only watch movies from somewhere else, we lose a part of ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with loving Hollywood films, but they’re no substitute for the connection you can feel when you watch something from your own backyard.